Greg Alyn Carslon is a Wanted Fugitive on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.

Greg Alyn Carlson is still on the run. He has proven to be a clever and wily fugitive that has been able to avoid capture for well over one year. Here are some tips for spotting this dangerous fugitive.

Greg Alyn Carlson may be renting a room from your elderly relative.

Carlson may be finding rooms to rent through online publications such as or newspaper classified adds. He may be opting to rent rooms from older landlords that are not internet savvy and have limited online profiles and activity. He would have moved in with only one or two small bags and stated that his furniture and other personal effects are in storage in another city or overseas. If you have an elderly relative that you do not see often and perhaps even lives in another city, and they have recently rented out a room, they may be the unwitting landlord of Greg Alyn Carlson. You should discreetly contact your elderly relative to verify that this is not the case and that they are safe.

Greg Alyn Carlson may still be driving the stolen white Hyundai Accent.

Carlson may still be in possession of the 2017 white 4/door Hyundai Accent that he stole when he fled from Mount Pleasant, SC in November 2017. Since this car has been reported stolen, it will most likely be parked backed in whenever possible, or in a manner that obstructs view of the license plate. Additionally, Greg Carlson may only use this car occasionally and instead walk, ride a bicycle, use public transportation or ride services such as Uber or Lyft.

Greg Alyn Carlson last seen driving 2017 Hyndai Accent
Greg Alyn Carlson last seen driving 2017 Hyundai Accent

Greg Alyn Carlson may claim to be a freelance or remote IT worker.

Carlson may use the following roles as forms of employment, remember he is a trained actor and can be very convincing. He may claim to be a web developer, film editor, day trader, or similar online stay at home jobs. This deception would keep him in his room for long periods of time on a daily basis and cover for why he does not have a regular scheduled work day. He may then go out when it is dark to prowl and stalk for new victims. Crime statistics show that these types of sexual offenders continue their behavior and that it becomes a prime motivation above all other activities.

Greg Alyn Carlson is vain about his looks and stays fit.

Carlson is a vain about how he looks. He always works out and stays in shape. This serves his vain personality but also keeps him ready and willing to overpower his victims and escape if cornered by law enforcement. He will most likely go to a local gym in the morning hours, on a daily basis. However, since he is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, he may be doing a home workout routine such as running, jumping rope, push-ups or a Cross Fit style regiment with a WOD. He would be doing this in a backyard, patio or other common area of the house where he is renting a room.